Energy solutions sales made easy

Celxius is a sales tool for resellers of energy solutions, such as heat pumps and solar panels. We make it easy to manage leads and projects, as well as to grow sales.

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Save time, sell more

We provide simple, easy-to-use tools that help digitise sales of energy solutions, such as heat pumps and solar panels.

Celxius helps business – from one man shops to large enterprises – to manage leads efficiently, quickly create high quality quotes, improve online presence and facilitate interaction with customers.


Grow with us

Join a growing number that use Celxius to bring clean energy to more homes, faster.​

What customers say

Large reseller

I've been nagging at my boss about something like this for years! This saves me a lot of time and allows me to close more leads.

Mid-sized reseller

This makes my life easier. It speeds up sales and lets me create quotes for customers a lot faster. Any job that comes my way I can have a quote template ready for.

HVAC manufacturer

Celxius gives our resellers a more professional online presence and helps them work more efficiently. Also, they get rid of a lot of the paperwork they dread...

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