About us

Celxius AB is a Swedish tech startup looking to accelerate the market for sustainable energy solutions. We focus on creating solutions to key barriers to productivity. With our custom CRM and marketplace, we reinvent how data flows and is processed.

How we started

Celxius was founded in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Agustinus Wigeberg and Johan Lind. Agustinus had previously spent seven years in clean energy installations, as part of the founding team for what is now Enwell.


Agustinus had experienced firsthand the productivity barriers that exist in the market. He could see how digital innovation could help resellers service more homes, faster.


As an expert software developer, he knew he could do something to help the market – and, in extension, the planet.

Looking for someone to realise his ideas with, he met Johan at Antler, a VC company and startup accelerator.


With 16 years as executive in large consumer product corporations, Johan was longing to found a company that would make a real difference.


Together, they decided to help reduce carbon dependency by accelerating the sustainable energy market.

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