your reseller network

Celxius not only helps your resellers become more productive. Integration with the cloud based sales tool creates endless opportunities for manufacturers and distributors. Different types of information is shared over the platform instantaneously, allowing for efficiency and access to sales data not available today.


Realtime market insights

With your resellers on Celxius, you can access realtime data to answer questions such as:

  • How many quotes are outstanding?​

  • What are the average sales prices?

  • Who has the best conversion rate?

  • Buyer demographics for different products?

Lead automation

Let your leads flow automatically from your website or CRM-system to your resellers. Based on your parameters, e.g. prioritised resellers, the leads will be matched optimally.

  • Smart matching with your resellers

  • Set custom parameters for matching 

  • Get realtime lead metrics on conversion

Better control

As a manufacturer or distributor, you are able to provide your resellers correct information in realtime – updating directly in their system. 

  • Update article information and prices

  • Update prices for on ongoing campaigns

  • Create custom quote templates for resellers 

  • And much more...

And much more...

The possibilities with your resellers on Celxius are virtually endless. Our solution can also provide:

  • Branded homepages for all your resellers

  • Automated webshops for all your resellers

  • One click ordering by resellers

  • Benchmarking vs your competitors

Let's talk

Any questions or ideas? Please reach out. We would love to discuss the possibilities of making your reseller management easier and more effective