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Celxius makes it easy to digitise energy solutions sales.

Our cloud based tools help companies save time and boost sales. 

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Buy and sell leads as you need

Manage leads like a pro

Leads often come in emails. Keeping track of them and deciding which to go after can be hard. 

Lead dashboard

All leads in one simple overview. Start a project with a click, or sell the lead if it does not fit your plan.

Automatic import of leads

Leads that come via email can be set to import automatically as they arrive.

Buy and sell leads

In the integrated marketplace, you can buy and sell leads as you need.

Make quoting fast and easy

Creating and managing quotes can be time consuming and hard to do outside the office.

Not any longer.

Customized quote templates

Use ready-made templates for different types of jobs. Adapt them and build your own library to become lightening quick with a quote for any job.

Send with a click

Once the quote is ready, send it with a click and let the customer accept, reject or comment digitally.

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Send quote to customer digitally
Choose from custom quote templates
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Improve your sales

With Celxius, you can improve and simplify your sales process.

Easy project management

All project details in one easy overview, always available in your smartphone. Share with colleagues.

Digital survey tool

Makes surveys of jobs easy and ensures that you never miss anything important.

Customer portal

Gives your customers a great buying experience. All information in one place, with an integrated chat.

Created for you

Having worked in energy installations, we know there is no time to spend hours learning complicated new systems.

Get started in minutes

Set everything up and create your first project in less than 10 minutes.

Do it anywhere

With everything accessible on your phone, it's easy to update projects or send quotes even on the road.

Integrates seamlessly

With our open API:s, Celxius can integrate seamlessly with other systems and services that you may use, such as CRM, work order, or book keeping.


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